Dave Fernandes  /  Music

Illustrating the power of versatility Dave showcases an array of electronica, electro, acid, house, and techno music. Leftfield in nature, the genres linked by Fernandes’ unique ability makes sense of the sounds of swampy deep ends, sweaty body work and industrial tipped dark rooms.

The House of Mince (2017-2020)

As once resident of The House of Mince has seen him play Buttons Berlin and Red Light Radio in Amsterdam on a visit to Europe, headlined ¿Club D'érange? in Melbourne, whilst in Sydney held support sets alongside Matrixxman, nd_baumecker, X-Coast, Cassegrain, Honey Dijon, Aurora Halal, DJ Hell, Volvox, K-Hand and Boris.

An integral figure in Sydney’s club and warehouse depths since 2005, and as a member of HAHA Industries, one of Sydney’s premiere, long-running, electronic music event and touring crews, Fernandes forges a groove that appeals to the committed, deeply set and versatile listener. This dedication to inimitable dance floor impressions has brought Fernandes to support HVISKE, HTRK, DJ SotofettDJ Fett Burger, Africa Hitech, Deetron, Juan Atkins, Robert Hood, Basic Soul Unit, Mark E and Gardland (Hunter Gatherer).

In recent years in duo with Dean Dixon as D&D, Fernandes has held the long-night-helm at Revolver, Mad Racket, Subsonic Music Festival, Sydney Fringe Festival, Pause Festival and Burning Seed, to name but a few. This tireless devotion to diversity in the Australian dance music scene is reflected in the 11 year history of D&D and HAHA Industries, having toured and played alongside of Optimo, Tim Sweeney, Auntie Flo, NO ZU and Sal P (Liquid Liquid), A Guy Called Gerald, Alex Smoke, Kenny Larkin, Baba Stiltz and KZA.

HAHA Industries (2005-2016)

Starting out a collective of five friends from across the globe (Glasgow, Toronto, Los Angeles, Sydney), and making a lot of noise with a stream of house parties in Surry Hills, they converted living rooms and share houses into intimate DJ booths and dance spaces. With no name or profile they took that attitude and shifted it to producing events in an attempt to introduce unique party experiences to the city, thus becoming HAHA Industries.

Eleven years later they delivered a long list of club nights, warehouse parties, boat parties, beach parties, tours and DJ supports of artists intenationally and locally remowned along with festival and community affiliations across Sydney & Melbourne.

D&D (2010-2016)

DJ duo Dean Dixon & Dave Fernandes, resident DJ’s and co-promoters of HAHA Industries. With a fetish for vinyl and rotary mixers, their music policy was simple - to play music that will make you move.

Artist list
(Hosted and supported)

Optimo (Twitch & Wilkes)
Tim Sweeney (Beats In Space)
Hunee (Rush Hour/Future Times),
DJ Fett Burger (Sex Tags Mania)
DJ Sotofett (Sex Tags Mania)
Vince Watson (Delsin/Planet e)
Basic Soul Unit (Dolly/Mule)
Africa Hitech (Warp)
Auntie Flo (Huntleys & Palmers)
Mark E (Merc Music)
Deetron (Circus/Music Man)
Glimpse (Planet e/Cadenza)
Juan Atkins (Metroplex/Model 500)
Robert Hood (M Plant/UR/Tresor)
Kenny Larkin (Warp/R&S)
Recloose (Sonar Kollektiv/Planet e)
DJ Spun (Rong Music)
Simon Caldwell (Mad Racket)
Phil Smart (Tweakin/Junkbeats)
Mark Pritchard (Africa Hitech/Warp)
Lorna Clarkson (Down Low Disco)
Phil Ransom (The Late Show) Melbourne
NHJ (M-Division) Melbourne
Jules Inkswel (Firecracker) Melbourne
Noise In My Head (Melbourne)

Event list
(Hosted, performed and guest appearences)

HAHA Industries presents
UTR Warehouse series
Lost & Found
Silent Riot
HAHA monthly
Hunter Gatherer Launch
Strange Fruit (Abercrombie Hotel)
Motion (Hollywood Hotel)
Sydney Fringe Festival
D&D's Beat Ballroom
D&D's Beat Kitchen
Subsonic Music Festival
Mad Racket
Pause Festival (Melbourne)
Rooftop Bar (Melbourne)
Curtin House (Melbourne)
Pitch (B):tch @ Loop (Melbourne)
Section 8 (Melbourne)
Maximon, (Melbourne)
Federation Square stage (Melbourne)
ACMI (Melbourne)
Eurotrash Nightclub (Melbourne)